Browns Saturday: Coach Mike Pettine transcript

Browns Saturday: Coach Mike Pettine transcript

Opening statement:

"Solid first day, I told the guys I was very proud of the effort, very proud of the energy. I'll go ahead and open in up."

On ending 30 minutes prior to schedule:

"We script a certain amount of plays within the time period, and when we're not repeating them and when the tempo is good and we're getting in and out of the huddle, that will trim some time off. We also like to save a little time for the coaches to work with their guys after practice, guys that need a little bit of extra help. In the first day we're not looking to necessarily maximize the time."

On the receivers he expects to step up: 

"(WR) Miles Austin is one guy that definitely jumped out today. I thought he did a real good job working himself back into football. We held him out in the spring. He did a great job over the break coming in. He banged out the running test and he really showed up today, made some nice catches. He'll still be on a pitch count, but he was a guy I thought was solid. (WR) Anthony Armstrong, (WR) Nate Burleson, some of the other guys that we brought in, they're smart veteran guys that are good for that because we do have some young guys in that room. It's good to get (WR) Charles Johnson and (WR) Travis Benjamin out there. Again, we'll ease them into it with them both coming off injuries and not having been there in the spring. We feel that's a group from top to bottom that's a solid group. They're smart. They're tough. They love to compete. There's not a huge difference from the first guy to the last guy. That's one thing that's encouraging. That group will come out and compete every day."

On how the quarterbacks looked:

"It's hard to say at this point. I didn't necessarily know what the play-call was, what their read was supposed to be. You're almost a day behind in the evaluation. I thought they both did some real good things that highlighted what they do well and they both made some mistakes. Some of it's not necessarily their faults—a receiver going the wrong way. I thought it was a solid start for both of them."

On guys that didn't pass the conditioning test:

"It's an area of concern. We weren't just going to have a real easy conditioning test. We wanted to make sure that guys came back and that we were ready to go. A couple guys may have had minor injuries coming into it. They were exacerbated a little bit when they went through the test, so it'll be a period of time. We might get a guy back tomorrow or the next day. It might take a period of a week or two to get everybody back full, but I think that's the price of doing that. I believe a tough conditioning test keeps the guys on edge and makes sure that they come back ready to go."

On the status of DL Billy Winn:

"He has an injury. He has a hamstring injury."

On the fans at training camp:

"It was great to walk out the door and feel the energy. We've said it all along—that we have the best fans in the league. They're passionate. They're loyal. They love football. They're knowledgeable. That was evident today."

On LB Barkevious Mingo:

"I'm very pleased with how he came back. This is the heaviest he's ever been. He still ran the conditioning test very well. I think he would have passed it if he ran with the defensive backs. You could tell that hopefully the switch has been flipped. All signs are pointing that way. I'm very pleased. He got into the playbook and showed up ready to work."

On what he means by the phrase "the switch has been flipped":

"I just think his preparation, his willingness, talking to him about getting his weight up a little bit—it's not an easy transition for him. He's going from just two years was a defensive end who had his hand down all the time. His world was completely different than what we're asking from him now. He's out in space, much more involved in coverage. We'll still take advantage of his pass rush ability. As far as a true radical position change, it's right up there with him. He's been asked to do some different things than what he's used to."

On his weight:

"He's in the high 230s."

On a guy not practicing until he passes his conditioning test:

"It's not an absolute. There might be some factors that we take into consideration. If they're injured we might find a different way to test their level of conditioning. I want to be smart with it, but at the same time these guys, they should know that they need to come back here ready to go."

On if the quarterbacks will be running different plays:

"Right now this is just day one installation. If you open up the playbook and turn to chapter one these are just the basics. At some point it will dove tail, but for now, they're both being handed the same package."

On what he knows about WR Charles Johnson:

"Not much. I went on YouTube and watched his Grand Valley (State) highlights. They were impressive."

On WR Charles Johnson dominating at the college level:

"He did. It's worth taking a peek at. He's explosive. He's a guy that is deceptively fast. He doesn't look like he's covering a lot of ground but he is. I think his catch radius is bigger than most. He's got long arms and he's got (big) hands. He's a guy that we hope can emerge from this as a guy that can help us."

On the confidence QB Brian Hoyer has in his knee:

"It doesn't look like that fazed him. We simulated that some. We had some bodies get close to him—not too close—in the spring. Really being under center is what was new for him. It's probably better to ask him that question, but just from outside looking in, I though he handled it well."

On similarities between RB Terrance West and RB Ben Tate including their ability to catch the ball:

"I was a little shocked with Terrance today. I had to double check my roster card to make sure I was looking at the right number. He did some nice things in the one on one period. That's always a bonus, when you have a guy that's not just one dimensional. You don't say, 'We don't need to cover him. We're defending the run only.' The more guys you can have like that the better. I think Ben is probably going to be a little bit ahead of him just naturally in the protection part of it, but Terrance isn't far behind."

On if RB Terrance West didn't pass the conditioning test the first time:

"No, I think he just had a little bit of a misunderstanding on what passing the test was about. I called him that night and talked to him the next morning and crushed it. We moved on from that."

On how many sprints they do for the conditioning test:

"It's 20 and it's yardage based on their position group. It's a 40, 50, 60 and it's time for each of those that they have to make with a certain amount of rest. They have a three minute break in between."

On the quarterbacks having the mindset that every play matters:

"Sure, why wouldn't it? I don't think that you want to ease guys in. When you look at the new rules and restrictions on the amount of time these guys get, I don't think you have reps that you don't feel are worth it. That's why I wanted to get those guys in and get those two extra practices the last two days. Those were all reps that were there for the taking, so we got them."

On QB Johnny Manziel's attitude:

"It's been great. From the day he walked in here, he's been extremely coachable. It's been great to meet him. He asks the right questions. He's been fine."

On what his message to the team was this morning:

"It was just a continuation of the spring—the message that we laid out then that we have a lot of work to do, that we're building a foundation and we don't want it to be a foundation that we can look good in a practice or two or a preseason game or two or maybe a game or two in the regular season. We want to build it the right way and build it here so that we can have long-term sustained success. The rest of it was just a lot of administrative stuff, typical training camp stuff."

On his assessment so far:

"I'm pleased. I think it's a good group. We talk about the 'play like a Brown' attributed. I thought (general manager) Ray Farmer and the personnel department really took that to heart in putting this roster together. We maybe moved on from some guys that potentially still can play in the NFL and just didn't feel like a good fit for us. The more guys that you can get that are passionate, that are competitive, that are tough, the better off you're going to be. That's how we want to build a team, and that's why I'm pleased with where the roster is right now."

On QB Brian Hoyer fully participating every day after coming off the ACL injury

"I don't think he's going to let us back him off. That's something I'll get with (Browns head athletic trainer) Joe (Sheehan) on as we get going. We'll see how the knee reacts. Typically there's a chance you'll start to get some swelling, some symptoms from it as the workload gets heavier and it's day in and day out unlike the spring. We'll certainly monitor it. If we need to back him off, then we will."

On the guard position:

"I think it's pretty open. We have a lot of guys that we're working through there—(OL John) Greco when he gets back. You've got (OL Garrett) Gilkey.  (OL Joel) Bitonio has been impressive so far. (OL Jeremiah) Warren—it's a solid group. I think between (offensive line) Coach (Andy) Moeller and (assistant offensive line) Coach (George) DeLeone, whoever ends up in their will be well prepared."

On how long QB Brian Hoyer will wear a knee brace:

"I'm not sure. The knee structure I know is fine. A lot of times it's to protect him from other people. I know that because I have a daughter that did both knees playing lacrosse, so I went through the whole brace thing."