Two indicted for weapons charges after RTA incidents

Two indicted for weapons charges after RTA incidents

A grand jury has just indicted two men busted for weapons in separate cases by RTA Police.

Two more cases showing you really don't know about your fellow passenger on the bus or standing at a stop. Even a guy passed out on a bus is considered dangerous.

A guy passed out on the RTA bus seemed harmless, a driver thought he may have been dead.

A report shows paramedics found he was medically ok, but medics saw a handgun in his waistband.

Charles Vella didn't go the hospital, he ended up in jail. A report shows he had two dozen small bags of pot too.

Meanwhile, a woman flagged down an RTA officer who'd been following a bus. The woman said a guy came from near the bus shelter at 105 and Superior, came up to her car window, pointed a gun and said "blam blam" as if about to shoot.

RTA Police quickly chased down Dalevon Artis. Both men were taken off the streets and now indicted.

But two more cases showing you never really know about the next guy on the bus and standing around the stop.

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