Shots fired into home barely miss child sleeping in her bed

Shots fired into home barely miss child sleeping in her bed

It's hard to believe a crime like this happened in a nice Cleveland West Side neighborhood.

A drunk guy was in his backyard, firing off his gun. The bullets hit a home next door, going through the bedroom of two-year-old Emma Reddy.

"She was in her bed. She was sleeping. And the bullets? Uh, they were about a foot above her head, the first two," said Emma's mom, Jamie Reddy.

Jamie's husband scooped Emma and her little brother up and ran for cover in the basement, calling 911. Jamie was at work.

"I was terrified, I went numb. I dropped the phone and I flew home. No parent should ever have to get that phone call. It was terrifying," said Jamie.

Emma is okay and the walls have been patched. In all, eight shots hit the house, zipping through the bedroom, into the bathroom, then into the kitchen.

A single pock mark remains. While the scars on a home can be repaired, emotional scars take longer.

"We're just mentally and emotionally scarred for life," said Jamie.

Police found Anthony Tango, the man who allegedly fired the shots, hiding in a crawl space. They said he was drunk, and playing with his .40 caliber Smith and Wesson. His Facebook Page shows him as a party guy.

Jamie thinks her husbands actions saved Emma's life.

"I know he did what any father would do but he truly is a hero in my eyes," said Jamie.

Tango won't be in court until September, facing charges of firing a weapon while intoxicated, and firing weapons in a habituated community.

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