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Help Police: Group beating handicapped man records the attack

Police need help identifying attackers caught beating a young man. (Source: Facebook) Police need help identifying attackers caught beating a young man. (Source: Facebook)

Shocking video of a young man who was beaten and robbed in broad daylight has gone viral, and it's all part of a disturbing trend.

A handicapped man was beaten and robbed on the street. The incident was recorded, then sent around on Facebook like some entertainment or trophy.

First a fight, which was more of an attack. Police say a young guy was robbed, then beaten. The fight was not one-on-one and was uneven in another way; a source close to the case says the victim was a young adult with a developmental disability.

Others stood around, watching, laughing and taunting, while someone shot the whole thing with a cell phone camera. And it got worse. One of the men seemed like he planned to give the victim his cell phone back -- before attacking him again.

19 Action News is showing the video so we can get this crowd hauled in by police.

It happened near 76th and Central in Cleveland. Third District investigators think they've identified one of the main attackers, but what about the others joining in or enjoying the show?

Call Crime Stoppers and get a reward or call a tip to Third District investigators. 

These days so many beatings are recorded and posted online. Use this one to get justice.

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