Kayakers rescued from the Chagrin River in Gates Mills

Kayakers rescued from the Chagrin River in Gates Mills

GATES MILLS, OH (WOIO) - Kayakers had to be rescued from the Chagrin River on July 28.  Gates Mills Fire Department got a call that five people were unaccounted for.

They called the Hillcrest Technical Rescue Team and the Heights Area Special Rescue Team for rope rescue assistance.

Two victims, an adult and juvenile were found in a piece of a tree that lodged itself in a bridge support column. The other three people were located outside of the water.

A rescue team member was lowered and hoisted the juvenile to safety on the bridge deck. The adult went into the water and swam to the rescuers positioned downstream with ropes.

Four people were transported to Hillcrest Hospital and treated for possible hypothermia.

Gates Mills Fire Department warns against attempting to navigate fast moving water without the appropriate training and equipment.

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