Cleveland Council members working to curb youth gun violence

Cleveland Council members working to curb youth gun violence

On Tuesday Cleveland City Council members Zack Reed and Jeff Johnson met with community activists to review and propose new initiatives to stop youth and gun violence in Cleveland.

They first started this program back in November of 2011 and have been meeting ever since. During that time they developed a white paper outlining their plan to combat violence.

Now, they can send it over to City Council to begin enacting the program.

Reporter Dawn Kendrick went to the meeting and spoke with several teens affected by violence.

"Are guns a problem out here? Yes. There's been a lot of unnecessary foolish deaths over the years. More young people dying," said Tiffany Wanzo.

Her cousin was killed several years ago on Cleveland's West Side.

Alona Miles son Elijuah Jackson was shot and killed in a bar in January.

"It's tearing families up. When is it ever going to stop?" Miles asked.

Miles also has one pressing question for the council members and community leaders who took three years to present 19 recommendations,

"How they gonna do it? I don't know. There's guns and shootings and senseless murders. Every week there's someone getting killed, for what? Where the guns is comin from?" asked Miles.

To read the 19 recommendations from the group, click HERE.