Browns receiver Josh Gordon prepares appeal on drug suspension

Browns receiver Josh Gordon prepares appeal on drug suspension
Josh Gordon (Source: WOIO)
Josh Gordon (Source: WOIO)

Browns receiver Josh Gordon faces a possible suspension for failing a drug test, the third strike against the Browns receiver.

That means a possible one-year-ban, but he's still fighting to play this season.

We asked lawyer Avery Friedman if Gordon has a clear case for an appeal in his fight to stay on the field.

"The NFL is not like a courtroom," Friedman said. "This is a private entity. They're making up the rules and those rules are stricter than Major League Baseball, stricter than the Olympics, stricter than MMA."

Gordon tested positive for marijuana. Sample "A" tested slightly above the NFL's threshold. While sample "B", which came from the same specimen, tested slightly lower.

Gordon has hired attorney Maurice Suh, who won an appeal on behalf of Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman, to tackle his latest round of troubles.

His legal team plans to argue Friday that the tests results were caused by second hand marijuana smoke. Because of the inconsistencies in the test, they say Gordon should not be suspended for a year.

"It seems like an all or nothing argument," Friedman said.

We asked Browns fans what they thought about Gordon's chances of avoiding a suspension.

"If he was employed anywhere else that did drug testing and he came up positive, he would either be reprimanded or immediately fired," said one Browns fan.

"When it comes down to second hand smoke a person would have to consume a whole bunch and who would stay in that type of area with all this smoke going into them and they don't want to," said another fan. "I just think he just needs some help and the proper precautions taking care of."

Gordon's July DWI arrest will not factor into Friday's appeal case. If he loses his appeal on the marijuana test he'll have to wait a year to apply for reinstatement.

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