CARL MONDAY UPDATE: Gas thief faces judge

Bryan Mahoney at his appearance in Garfield Heights Municipal Court. (Source: WOIO)
Bryan Mahoney at his appearance in Garfield Heights Municipal Court. (Source: WOIO)

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Carl Monday caught him stealing gas from the city's pumps.  Now a long time Garfield Hts. employee is out of a job.

At a recent court appearance, city maintenance garage supervisor, Brian Mahoney, cut a deal, pleading guilty to petty theft in exchange for a year's probation, a $500 fine and $500 restitution.  More importantly, Mahoney resigned from a job he held for some thirty years.

Mahoney was indicted after Monday and his team captured Mahoney on hidden camera, on four occasions, filling gas cans with city gas.  The same cans were later found by police at his Seven Hills home.

Mahoney got a scolding from Garfield Hts. Judge Jennifer Weiler.  "You're in a position of trust," she told him.  "It's obviously very disappointing to the court."

The now ex-employee apologized for embarrassing himself, his family and the City.

A follow up police probe showed Mahoney stole gas at least a dozen times, but there was no surveillance video to back him up.  That's because video cameras at the service garage were not operating when Mahoney stole the gas.  As a result of the 19 Action News investigation, new cameras have been installed.  The cameras are directly linked to the office of Police Chief Robert Sackett, who can monitor any "funny business" at the facility.

Monday also discovered the city had no way to track gas usage.  A key computerized key system has been broken for five years, and there's no indication it's been fixed.  No telling how much gas was siphoned from the city pumps.

At the time it aired, Monday's investigation riled Garfield Hts. Mayor Victor Collova, accusing the reporter of withholding evidence and calling Monday a "punk, a worm and a piece of garbage."  Collova did not respond to requests for reaction to Mahoney's conviction.

Mahoney himself bolted out of the courtroom after his sentencing and slipped through a back door.  His Attorney Patrick Dichiro did say he thought the sentence was fair, but said he knew nothing about talk that his client had been stealing gas for years.

Mahoney no longer collects a city paycheck, but he is getting a pension.  No doubt, some of that money will be used to buy gasoline that at least some of the time he was getting for free.

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