CLE firefighter union will appeal city's punishment

CLE firefighter union will appeal city's punishment

The Firefighter's Union President announced Friday morning they will appeal the city's decision to discipline some supervisors for their role in the shift trading scandal.

This past spring, a dozen Cleveland Firefighters pled guilty to charges arising from illegal payments they made to co-workers to cover shifts for which they were then paid for.

On Thursday, Cleveland Fire Chief Patrick Kelly sent down discipline for 17 supervisors.

Seven were suspended for one 24-hour shift, five were suspended for two shifts and one was suspended for three 24-hour shifts and two supervisors suspended for one 24-hour shift, to happen at a later time.

The city contends these supervisors knew about the shift swapping and did nothing to stop it.

"It's unfortunate that instead of moving forward with the Association of Cleveland FireFighters on important labor relations issues such as the condition of the fire apparatus fleet or the (now-abandoned) concept of merging the Divisions of Fire and EMS, the City remains focused on issues that have already been fully addressed," said Union President Frank Szabo.

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