VFW builds home for a seriously wounded Afghan vet

VFW builds home for a seriously wounded Afghan vet

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - Local VFW members are building a home for a wounded veteran.

The goal is to have the house built for the Haworth family by the end of September.

"The house is going to be amazing, more than we ever dreamed of," said Everett Haworth.

Sgt. Everett "Alex" Haworth was severely injured in a suicide bombing while serving in Afghanistan. He had the right side of his body ripped apart and spent seven months in Walter Reed rehabbing.

He was awarded the Purple Heart for his service in combat.

Haworth is happy and healthy now, but when he came home in November 2012, he found the house he bought for his family was unlivable. The house had numerous problems, including toxic black mold. That's when the North Olmsted VFW went to work to get a new house built.

"No one owes us anything. Everything that I did and my family did was because we wanted to. We didn't expect anything in return and we knew what could happen," he explained.

The Northeast Ohio Foundation for Patriotism (NEOPAT) stepped in to help the Haworths build a brand new home. Jeff Richie began the push and hundreds donated money, materials and labor.

"I think we're helping a young couple out that will pay it forward, and that's what the VFW is all about," said Richie.

Mallorie Haworth is expecting the couple's second child any day. The family that nearly gave everything is overwhelmed at what's been given back.

"When the community is there for you and so many people that - who don't even know you - want to help you in any way they can, it just makes you feel so good," she said.

The Haworth Family is currently living in an apartment until the house is completed.

Haworth is back at work as a police officer, incredibly humble and thankful.

"There are no words for it. It's just amazing," he said.

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