Browns Saturday: Hoyer after Family Day Scrimmage

Browns Saturday: Hoyer after Family Day Scrimmage

On how he would assess his performance today:
"It was good. It's good to come out and just kind of play in a live situation in the stadium where the calls are coming through your helmet. You're kind of going through the process. It's good to get out here and do that. I think we got some good work in. Obviously, we have a long way to go. Like I talked to you guys the other day, it's really the opening of training camp. We've got another whole week until our first preseason game. In training camp terms, that's a long way to go. We definitely need to improve, but I think we did some good things, and we did some things we need to improve on."

On if it was frustrating not getting into the end zone:
"Yeah, no doubt. Obviously, that's the name of the game, and whether it was a penalty and a few miscues, you've just got to overcome some things and do what you have to do."

On if it was hard getting into a flow with playing a series and then not going back out the next:
"Yeah, but that's kind of like the game. You go in, you play a series and then your defense is out there. You don't know if they're going to be out there for three plays or 10. You've kind of got to stay in it, and the good thing of what we did today is it does simulate a game from that standpoint where you're going out you're playing and then you're off the field and then you're coming back on. You have to stay in it mentally."

On if the play-calling process was frustrating:
"No, it was good. You've got to remember, this is probably our first time doing something like that where were out on the field and the coaches aren't right behind us and we can't double-check with them. We're learning how (Browns offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) calls plays and how it sounds in a helmet, and he's learning how we react to it too. It's a learning process, and you just take it and build on it. Like I said, there are some good things. There are also some bad things, and you watch the film and correct them and hope you don't make the same mistake twice."

On if this gives him a taste of what the first preseason game will be like:
"Yeah, I think so. You've got to remember really…a scrimmage, I think it was more of a practice. It was unscripted practice. We didn't have a call sheet. We didn't talk things over. We kind of just went off the cuff of our sleeve. It's just good to react. I think that's the best thing is you want to see how people react in a situation where they haven't study the script the night before. Did they know the play? Did they know how to run a route? Did they know what the block is? Same thing with our defense, were they good with their blitzes? I think the other thing is we always have to remember how good our defense is. It can be frustrating at times, but in the back of your mind you've got to know it's good to have them on our side of the ball."

On if he does self-evaluation after a practice like today:
"I think you're always evaluating yourself, and you're always trying to get better. Like I said, it'd be good to get back, watch the film, grade it out, see what I can improve on. The things we do good, we've got to keep doing them well. The things we're not doing so well, we've really got to improve on."

On what his early impressions of Browns WR Miles Austin are:
"Miles has been great. A guy, who has been in the Pro Bowl, comes in. He knows how the game is played. He knows how to approach everything. He works really hard and he's always trying to improve. We're always talking, and he always almost gets down on himself too much. I'm like, 'Dude, I know you're a good receiver.' I've developed a good relationship with him. I think he's looked great. You don't really know what's going to happen, especially because he was limited in the offseason. To come out here and see how he can play has been awesome."