Browns Saturday: Coach Mike Pettine after Family Day Scrimmage

Browns Saturday: Coach Mike Pettine after Family Day Scrimmage

On an injury update:

"We held (TE) Jordan Cameron out, just he banged his shoulder. He should be fine. It was more precautionary than anything else. (DB Tashaun) Gipson did not go today, but we're expecting him back hopefully by midweek. It was relatively minor."

On not getting into the end zone and his overall thoughts on the scrimmage:

"We competed. That's the one thing the offense has to learn. We've got to convert when we get in the red zone. The field gets tight there. The defense can take some chances, and they did. That's something that we're going to get a lot of work on here. That's a four-point swing. You can't be in the business of just settling for three. That's something that we'll probably put an added emphasis on and get some more work. We've really only had one day of it so I wasn't really expecting red zone work to be super sharp to begin with. We just put it in and installed it yesterday. Other than that, we got a good rack of plays to watch. There will be a lot of good coaching moments. Our guys competed and took care of each other. Hopefully, we'll be better coming out of it."

On his early impressions of QBs Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel in the scrimmage:

"That's hard for me to do. I don't want to get in the habit of trying to evaluate them coming right off the field. I think it was pretty clear they both did some really good things and they both did some things they would want to take back. I think some of the completion percentages might be affected by they were forced to throw the ball away, as well."

On really good things today:

"I just thought the physicality was good. I could stand behind it. It was just like the first day in pads – I wanted to hear it from our guys, even though it was against each other."

On referring to the really good things by the QBs, particularly Manziel:

"It was just the way they ran it. You saw Johnny. I saw what you guys saw. He had a couple nice runs, made some nice throws. When most quarterbacks would step out of bounds, he had two completions there. I thought Brian, especially in that first series, converted some third downs and was poised in the pocket, stepped up and made some throws."

On if there was difficulty getting the plays into the QBs:

"Yes because we didn't have the regular system. We were on walkie talkies going into the helmet so that might have factored in. There is a volume control in there that maybe we didn't anticipate how loud and how much background noise there was going to be."

On WR Miles Austin's performance today after a strong first week of camp:

"He did a nice job. There are a couple that, I think, maybe one or two, that got away from him that he'll regret. He's a big guy that runs good routes. I think he's deceptive and gets in and out of breaks. I think his body type forces defensive backs to probably foul him more than they would foul somebody else."

On if this is the best Manziel has looked, and how much of that can be attributed to his mobility:

"I don't know if I would say that at this point until I watch the tape. It's clear to see. We did have some runs in there for him that he did. You can tell that's going to be a strength of his, and some of the throws that he made on the run that it certainly is playing to his skillset."

On interest in moving LB Barkevious Mingo to WR:

"[Laughter] Yes, he was hell bent on scoring, too. I was waiting for the officials to blow that one dead. No, that was a heck of a play by him [on the interception and return]."

On how to emphasize deflecting passes in practice and the key to doing it consistently:

"It's the timing part of it and having a knack, getting a feel for, 'OK, I've rushed the passer, I haven't won but I can still square up and get extension away from the offensive lineman and find the quarterback.' It's just an internal clock thing. There are guys like a (Texans DL) J.J. Watt who just have a really good sense of timing for it as far as when the ball is coming out. I think (defensive line coach) Anthony Weaver does a good job with our guys of coaching it."

On what the Browns need to see from Manziel before he takes first-team reps:

"Just continue to progress with the offense. Most of the installation is in offensively so they're going to start to circle back and maybe highlight certain aspects of it. We're going to have a full staff meeting tomorrow and just kind of set the work for the week. I'm sure that will be a topic of discussion."

On if he would characterize the QB competition as closer than when training camp opened:

"I would say that. When camp began, Brian was the No. 1 because we had to have someone out there with the ones, but they were truly competing against each other. At some point, we will mix the units. It's all part of our evaluation process."

On if as a defensive coach he has concerns that Manziel's running may not hold up when tackling goes live:

"We've talked about this before, even back when we drafted him, I think he'll have to pick and choose those times, maybe not as frequently, because guys are defenders at the NFL level. They're faster and have better short-area quickness than the guys he went against in college. It's probably that he'll have to learn it as he's going, but he has a knack as a lot of whether it's good running backs do or quarterbacks to avoid taking the full-on shot. That's one of the reasons why he's been able to stay healthy."

On starting and ending the scrimmage early, specifically if the weather contributed to the decision:

"Yes, I was getting constantly updated. We started early with the skill [position players], but the team work probably started a little bit early. I wanted to kind of keep the reps under 80. I think we were right around that as far as the team work. I was constantly getting updated. There was a chance of lightening coming in. That cleared, and there was a chance of rain, which is still supposed to hit. I was glad that we were able to get it all in."