David Wilson will be out the entire 2014 season

David Wilson will be out the entire 2014 season

David Wilson running back for the New York Giants will for sure be out for the entire 2014 season, and potentially will never get to play another down of football in the NFL. Wilson went down with a neck injury during practice on July 29th, and doctors re-examined him on Monday. The 23 year-old back is on injured reserve where they are keeping him the entire season, and he was advised by doctors to never play football again.

"I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me, or pity me," Wilson said. "I lived my dream. A lot of people only get to dream their dream. I lived that dream. Now I have a chance to dream another dream and live that, too."

Wilson suffered a neck injury back in Week 5 last season, which at the time didn't seem so serious. He was never cleared to return in 2013 and the Giants placed him back on IR in November.

In January, he underwent spinal fusion surgery that took many months of rehab to get back on the field where unfortunately his latest injury occurred.

If this is the last we see of David Wilson, he will finish out his career with five touchdowns with 504 rushing yards in 21 games.

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