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Woman says man accused of killing Maggie Daniels attacked her

One of the women who claims 34-year-old Sharman Odom attacked and raped her says she carries a burden about not following through with the prosecution of the case.

Prosecutors in Charlotte dismissed the case against the accused killer, along with two others with similar felony charges.

Police in the City of Newton say Odom killed Maggie Daniels inside her apartment in June. Odom's arrest came five weeks and 3,000 investigative hours later.

Odom looked confident and was smiling as he walked past reporters right after his arrest. Perhaps it's because he's avoided a conviction in other serious cases.

WBTV uncovered court papers in Charlotte showing Odom's three worst felony cases. He was accused of attacking three women at local hotels, including the woman who says she regrets not showing up for court.

In July of 2010, Odom was charged with burglary, robbery, and kidnapping. A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department report says a woman accused Odom and another man of forcing their way into her hotel room, holding her at gunpoint, beating and robbing her.

A few months later, in October of 2010, Odom was charged with assault by strangulation, rape, and robbery. Another young woman said Odom and another suspect forced their way into her hotel room, choked, and raped her.

Two years later, in 2012, Odom faced similar charges again: second degree rape, robbery and assault by strangulation.

A prosecutor said in the court file that there were problems with evidence. The victim was a prostitute, money was exchanged, and there were credibility issues on both sides.

When WBTV spoke with the woman who filed that police report, she said she was not a prostitute, and that she and Odom actually dated a little.

She said the night of the attack, she thought she would die. "He strangled me to the point of no return. I was just asking him to please stop and he didn't say nothing, he just kept choking me," she said. WBTV is protecting her identity, which is standard in cases of sexual assault. 

In Newton, investigators say Daniels was strangled. They are waiting on evidence confirm whether there was any kind of sexual assault. There was no sign of forced entry, because police say Daniels often left her door unlocked.

This time, investigators also say the physical evidence against Odom is strong, but they would not elaborate. 

They also confirm Odom used a Twitter account that shows he "followed" Daniels three weeks before she was killed.

Other than that, police say the two had no connection.

Daniels may not have known her neighbor's name or the criminal accusations of his past.

Odom calls himself "Crisspy Shabazz" all across social media, and claimed to scout out beautiful women. Odom says he was always looking for models.

One of the magazines he claimed with which Odom claimed to have an affiliation was Black Ink Magazine.

"That is completely false" said Ceaser Emanuel, owner of Black Ink Magazine.

Emanuel said Odom, claiming that he managed models, contacted him after Emanuel put out a casting call on Instagram earlier this year.

"He replied back that he has at least 10 girls he would love to bring to the casting call" but Emanuel said Odom never showed up - instead he sent two females from North Carolina.

Emanuel said Odom never worked for him and he is angry that Odom used his magazine's name.

"It blows my mind and for him to sit there and say he was part of Black Ink Magazine - that's even bothering" Emanuel said. "I've never seen somebody go out there and try to act like they're part of an up and coming magazine and try to con young females."

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