Water ban in Toledo causes shoppers elsewhere to stock up

Water ban in Toledo causes shoppers elsewhere to stock up
Source: WOIO
Source: WOIO

AVON, OH (WOIO) - The water emergency in Toledo had people like Jeff Pallardy of Elyria looking to buy bottled water just in case, but finding that precious commodity on some store shelves proved to be more challenging than he expected. 

"I went to three different Drug Marts and bought water at all three of them," says Pallardy, "I found four bottles at one of them.  Another place had six bottles left, and, you know, I just bought several at each one."

Roger Harding Junior of Elyria saw the mad rush for water at a local Walmart.  He says what was being purchased was heading to Toledo.

"They were buying cases at a time," says Harding.

Even as the ban was lifted, water was still flying off the shelves at the Circle K in Avon, but many say they were already stocked up long before the water emergency happened in Toledo.

"I buy it once a month," said Johnny Nunoc of Lorain.

Now, even though the threat is over, a reminder of how vulnerable we all are seems to linger.

"You can go without a lot of things, but you are not going without water - not for any length of time," said Al Meyer, who bought water as he was passing through the Buckeye State on his way to Cedar Point.

Even though shoppers reported seeing empty or scantly stocked shelves, Giant Eagle and Walmart reported they hadn't seen a spike in water sales.

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