Toledo water crisis: Coming to Cleveland?

Toledo water crisis: Coming to Cleveland?

Everyone in the Toledo area is relieved to be able to drink a glass of water or take a shower. But the big question is, could this happen here in Northeast Ohio?

400,000 people in Ohio's fourth largest city told not to drink water over the weekend because of the presence of a toxin, possibly from algae on Lake Erie.

Concerned residents rushed to buy bottled water.

"She heard about it on Facebook and immediately had people go secure some water for her," said Riley Tedrom, whose mother lives near Toledo

Toledo hospitals are reporting more than 130 cases of diarrhea or nausea related to drinking the water.

"It's not just a Lake Erie problem," said Dr. Jeff Reutter, director of the Ohio Sea Grant College Program. "It's very much a national problem.  U.S. and Canada.  Also other countries around the world.  I believe we're up to 30 states that have harmful algae bloom problems."

Experts say one big problem is phosphorus in the runoff from western Ohio farms that runs into Lake Erie. Cleveland water officials issued a statement to reassure residents in our area that the water is safe to drink and no toxins have been detected.

"I drink a lot of water," said Cleveland resident Samantha Robinson. "I actually drink it out of the faucet, but I'm not really worried."

"I'm very concerned," Dr. Reutter said. "When I think of all the issues impacting Lake Erie this is the one that concerns me the most."

The water crisis in Toledo shut down the city's zoo, restaurants and other businesses.

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