Dominic Mancuso's Editorial: See something, say something

Editorial: See something, say something

There is a renewed push to encourage people to get involved in "taking back our streets." Police and others are urging us to speak up and to be the eyes and ears of our community. See something-say something. The police have long said "we can't do it all by ourselves."

Part of getting more of us not to remain silent is to change the way we think. Too many of us have bought into the misunderstanding of "snitches get stitches."  Don't get it twisted.

Snitches are those bad boys who turn on each other when caught by the cops. Good citizens, on the other hand, tell what they see. That's called being responsible. Unfortunately, Cleveland's Police Chief recently had to make a passionate plea to citizens, saying that telling police who shot and killed a two-year-old toddler would not be "snitching."

Just recently, police in the Fifth District had a big haul of drugs and guns because someone came forward. The community also mobilized to help find those responsible for the murder of bar owner Jim Brennan in Cleveland Heights.  Speaking out works.  See something-say something. Help "take back our streets."

I'm Dominic Mancuso and that's how we see it.

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