Vandals hit Cleveland fire station...again

Vandals hit Cleveland fire station...again
This is not the first time vandals have hit Fire Station 30. (Source: WOIO)
This is not the first time vandals have hit Fire Station 30. (Source: WOIO)

Vandals took aim at a Cleveland fire station again.

The Cleveland Division of Police is currently investigating a breaking and entering, petty theft and damage to a city vehicle at Fire Station 30 on St. Clair Avenue.

Preliminary investigation reveals that the incident occurred between 3 and 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Members of the fire department contacted police after they saw two vehicles parked in the station's fenced lot with damage to fuel tank areas, as well as wet pavement stemming from underneath them.

"You would think that any person would understand that that's a pretty risky and stupid thing to do," said Frank Szabo with the Cleveland Firefighters Union.

Further investigation revealed that a hole was cut into the western side of the fence.

One vehicle was a city van assigned to parks and recreation, and the other was a personal vehicle of a fireman. Both vehicles had been drained of fuel.

The total loss after damages and theft is estimated at $1,000 for each vehicle.

This is not the first time this station has been hit by vandals. On July 20, when firefighters returned from an emergency run, they found a bullet hole in the window of one of the station's bay doors.

Firefighters wonder what's going on.

"They're generally concerned. There seems to be a pattern developing," said Szabo. "We're here to protect and serve the community, and it's difficult, it's challenging to be able to do that effectively when the security and safety of the fire station is compromised."

The Fifth District Detective Bureau is investigating this incident. Anyone with more information is urged to call police at 216-623-5500.

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