Cavs fans react to Kevin Love trade

Cavs fans react to Kevin Love trade

Add a little Love to LeBron James and Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers can be an absolutely devastating offensive basketball team.

Kevin Love can knock down the three, and when you have a 6'10" guy who can do that, it stretches the floor, and leaves the lane wide open for LeBron and Irving to do what they do best.

Love and Irving are light years better than any player LeBron played with during his first run with the Cavs.

Without making the trade the Cavs had a chance to win the Eastern Conference, but now with Love, many hope they can win a NBA Championship right now.

"He's going to be at the prime of his career. He's committing to five years with us and it's going to give us a great combination and an outside shooter, with LeBron and Kyrie, it's going to be fun to watch," said Ed Walters of Twinsburg.

Andrew Wiggins is a great player, but we've had our fair share of rookies in Cleveland. Now, we have a guy who we know can play well.

"On the other hand you're trading the future, so when you trade the future you sometimes regret that later," said Tom Wrabel

Now the question is, how will their defense be? Love can't keep them together on that end of the floor. LeBron will have something to say about bringing the team together defensively.

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