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Cleveland dog rescues say homeless dogs at a crisis level

Holten. (Source: Muttleycrue) Holten. (Source: Muttleycrue)
Cami. (Source: Muttleycrue) Cami. (Source: Muttleycrue)
Quigly. (Source: Muttleycrue) Quigly. (Source: Muttleycrue)
Sophia. (Source: Muttleycrue) Sophia. (Source: Muttleycrue)

Holten has had it rough, homeless and helpless. He was scooped up by a sympathetic driver at Holten Avenue and East 83rd Street. 

To make matters worse, he was suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. The veterinarians at Westpark Animal Hospital had to amputate it. 

"He's a trooper. He's a fighter," said Adrienne Schultz of Muttleycrue Rescue. "All he wants is to be loved. How could you throw that out?"

Sadly, someone did. The same situation applies for a little eight week old puppy. Quigley was severely underweight when she was found wandering the streets. 

And Sophia, an adorable pit bull mix actually wandered into the open sliding glass doors at the Cleveland Clinic looking for help. 

Not to mention Cami. Cami's owners used her to have puppies and then pushed her out of the home to fend for herself. Neighbors said she kept coming back to the front door, and was eating out of the garbage cans. 

Five dogs in two weeks alone were rescued by Muttleycrue. Schultz said in Cleveland, it comes down to just one word. 

"Crisis. It's a crisis. A homeless dog crisis whether it's economic or people being irresponsible," Schultz said.

Now Holten and the rest are finally getting a break, but it's expensive. 

"Even if it's your daily Starbucks, $5 a day. Can you give us your daily Starbucks tomorrow? It all adds up. We could easily cover the costs for these dogs and more so that we can continue to help these dogs," said Schultz. 

You can help Muttleycrue by visiting their website. 

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