Hours away from the 2014 Gay Games

Hours away from the 2014 Gay Games

Cleveland Police have been preparing for months for the 2014 Gay Games which are scheduled to get underway Saturday at 7 p.m. in Downtown Cleveland.

Their security plan could be the most comprehensive in the history of Northeastern Ohio.

Federal authorities, along with Homeland Security and dozens of surveillance cameras will all be used to keep the order at all of the venues.

Some of the gay athletes we spoke with say they feel safe and welcome. In fact, possibly an unprecedented welcome was given tonight to the athletes by a nonprofit group that practices yoga.

''1500 yoga enthusiasts saying welcome to Cleveland, we're glad you are here.''

Federation of Gay Games Board Member Sonya Lewis says the accommodations are top notch and she feels safe.

''I was walking around last night and it felt very friendly and very safe.

The event will run for an entire week.

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