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Neighbors turn vacant land into park, dedicated to Gina DeJesus

Two lots where abandoned homes once sat were turned into open space park areas today on Cleveland's West side. They are situated between the home of Gina DeJesus who was one of three women who were held captive for ten years before they escaped last spring.

Kelly Weiss says the parks are a way to help neighbors and the DeJesus family heal from those emotional wounds.

"The DeJesus family has been through a lot and so has this neighborhood.'''

The parks are called Camden Community Place which covers open spaces where abandoned homes once sat. Norma Sanovich says those abandoned homes attracted crime.

"I don't want to be scared to come out of my house because there has been a shooting in the neighborhood so yes that's why I did all this,'' Sanovich said.

All the resources from the park were donated free of charge with no help from the city.

''That's what it takes, neighbors taking care of neighbors.''

The band ''Heaven's Best Kept Secret'' helped to kick off today's dedication, which has neighbors moving away from the past and toward the promise of a new day.

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