No jail time for convicted stalker, victim frightened

No jail time for convicted stalker, victim frightened

A man was convicted of stalking, but he won't be going to prison.

A woman stood up to a stalker and got him convicted. But she says she's still looking over her shoulder, so we're investigating.

"I need to talk to you about something," said stalker Raymel Dix. "Please call me back."

Dix was just convicted for harassing Valerie Trotter. He called constantly even as police were at her apartment.

But Dix just got probation and no prison time. County judge Dick Ambrose sentenced him and told 19 Action News reporter Ed Gallek by phone these days the state only wants the most serious criminals in prison.

Plus Dix will have to see a probation officer every week and get mental health counseling. If he messes up at all he will go to prison.

Still the victim is worried. Will the calls start again?

Dix did do months in jail before and 'that' came after violating probation. He'd been convicted in city court of menacing the same woman.

Cuyahoga county prosecutors say they pushed for prison time and they share the victim's concerns, now promising to help her move to a new apartment.

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