Whitner says locker room is "50/50" on QB derby

Whitner says locker room is "50/50" on QB derby

While the fans are split on the decision about who they believe should be the starting quarterback, some of the players are just as torn between the two. While Brian Hoyer has the NFL experience backing him up to start this regular season, Johnny Manziel has the potential to make game-changing plays.

Safety Donte Whitner talked to Peter King of Sports Illustrated about the competition saying, "It's been fierce, two guys fighting for their lives. Its close. I'd say the locker room is 50/50. We know they both can play."

Whitner said, referring to Manziel, "Very quiet, very respectful. He's earning his keep so far.  He's not asking for any privileges.  He's just a rookie, and he's acting like one.  When we have the rookie show, he'll sing just like the rest of them.  As far as football goes, I'm seeing him put the ball on the money like a veteran.  Sometimes the receiver drops it.  Sometimes the receiver isn't even looking for the ball and it bounces off him.  He's got the confidence a quarterback has to have."

Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine has yet to announce a starting quarterback for their next game on Monday night against Washington.

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