Browns Monday: Brian Hoyer transcript

Browns Monday: Brian Hoyer transcript

On having something similar to a wet ball drill:

"It's good sometimes. Actually, as much as it's unfavorable for us, it does rain sometimes on Sundays. It is sometimes good to get some work in. Our equipment guys actually did a good job of keeping those balls pretty dry, as dry as they could. When it's wet like that you kind of change your philosophy on how you throw the ball. You don't want grip it as tight, you try not to throw it as high because it is tough for those receivers and they can't get their hands on it (and) it slips up. It is good to get some work as frustrating as it is because you want to come out and have a great practice, but it is good to get work in the rain."

On how to build on his performance from Saturday's game:

"Just continue to get better, know the system better. Like I said, going back and watching the film there were a few reads that I would've liked to (have) read differently. So you learn from those mistakes and try to build on it."

On whether he noticed anything mechanically different in his side throws or if they just got away from the receivers during the game:

"The one on (WR) Josh (Gordon) on the play-action, I kind of hitched up into it a little bit more than I would like. We talked about trying to keep our base, which is trying to keep your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart so you can really drive the ball. I felt like he was so open. I was trying to really rush it and I rushed into it. I just have to be more patient and be more quiet with my feet and just step in and throw it."

On if he's as mobile with the knee brace on in offensive coordinator's Kyle Shanahan's system:

"Yeah, I feel great. I thought it looked right on – it was Saturday. I love that part of the offense. For me it was something that I did a lot (of) in college so I'm really familiar with it. This is nothing so I felt good, we had a few good plays off of it and it is important to this offense."

On if his knee brace is even on his mind at all:

"No, not at all. I'm used to it."

On if he felt good running and throwing against his body throwing to WR Miles Austin in Saturday's game:

"Yes, I think so, especially going left. For a running quarterback, that's usually a tougher throw, but I actually think that sometimes it can be (your) best throw because you really got to get your shoulders square and put something into it. I'm not worried about my lack of mobility. I'm really comfortable with how I'm playing, how my knee feels. It's not even something that I think about out there."

On how he approaches the next game knowing it will possibly determine who starts the season opener:

"I don't change my approach at all. To me, this is my team until someone else tells me otherwise and you just come out here and try to be the best quarterback that you can. You just ignore all of the noise and the hype and worry about what goes on in that building and what I can control. For me that's coming out here and practicing the best that I can and when I get a chance to play, playing the best that I can."

On being able to come back from an ACL injury so quickly:

"I just think that the work that I put in, I remember talking to you guys throughout the whole process through the offseason, for as bad of a situation that it could've been and how down I could've got I think that I took all of those emotions and put it into my rehab. It's good to have that validation now and know that the hard work has paid off and I can come out here day-after-day and practice (and) have no problems. I was actually getting a massage yesterday to flush things out and the masseuse was like 'I don't really need to do anything, your knee is looking really good' and for me it feels that way. It's just good to know that when you work hard at something, whether it's rehab or anything football related, that you can kind of see the dividends pay off."

On whether he talked to Redskins QB Robert Griffin III about his knee injury:

"No, I don't know Robert at all. I talked to other quarterbacks that have gone through it but I think that each process is an individual process and for me, I had a great group of guys that helped me through the rehab process. As (head trainer) Joe Sheehan says now, 'Don't I look like a genius holding you out of the OTAs (laughter).'They had a plan for me, and I followed that plan, and they were open to things that I suggested, too. It's good to be known that I put the work in to get back to where I am now and there's no difficulty."

On DB Buster Skrine and his development:

"Even since I got here last year, you see the speed and change of direction that Buster has. We're always wary of that going against him because you know that even if he has a little bit of separation, he can close like the one he had over there today. It's got to be a perfect throw or Buster is going to close in on it. I think that when you put him in there with (DB) Joe (Haden) and you add (DB) Justin (Gilbert) in there, we have a really good group of talented guys. Not only to mention the guys that rotate through, but I really like Buster because of how hard it is to go against him."

On if DB Donte Whitner's comment on the locker room being split 50/50 on who the starting quarterback should be has any affect him:

"No, I'm not concerned about that because, for me, I'm always going out there trying to prove to those guys that I am the guy. I just have to continue to improve and play better. Those decisions are over my head. Those will be made by coaches, but I think (that) in the same respect that you want to go out and earn your teammate's respect and I did a little bit of that last year, now I'm just trying to build that back up again this year."

On what can be done about dropped passes:

"Well, you can always play better football. Sometimes, it's not just about the receivers, it's about the quarterback, too. There were definitely a few throws in the game and today that I could throw better. But for me, I've always told those guys no matter what happens, I'm going through my progressions. I don't even really care which receiver is out there. In this league if you can just hold tight and just take what the defense gives you, I think that's the best way to do it. I'll never lose confidence in those guys. They've proven to me over and over that they make all those catches and, like I've said, sometimes it's not them it's me and how I've got to be a better quarterback."

On there is room for growth in his game:

"I think that's there's always room in everyone's game to grow. For me, I'm always trying to improve and I think that's what drives me. I'm competing with myself every day in and day out to be the best I can. I don't think that you look and say that someone has a ceiling because I think that no one is perfect. If that were the case, then everyone could say that there's a ceiling and that this guy is a 100 out of 100 in Madden (Football). For me, you're always trying to improve, and I think the one thing that I've learned from (Patriots' QB) Tom (Brady) in New England, who's probably as close to the ceiling as you can get and, is he's always constantly trying to get better. He's always working on something, and I think that's the only approach you can take."

On following up on Whitner's 50/50 comment:

"I think that everybody has their own opinions, and for me, he's going against us every day. He can form whatever opinions he likes, but like I said, for me, that's not a concern because all I'm concerned about is being the best quarterback I can be and earning those guys' respect. The way you do that is going out on the field and game and executing."

On questioning the accuracy of Donte Whitner's poll:

"You'll have to ask him that."