Distraction theft in Tallmadge

Distraction theft in Tallmadge

TALLMADGE, OH (WOIO) - Robert Taylor was in his yard on Northeast Avenue when a man approached him, claiming to be a surveyor and said needed to measure his property so a neighbor could put up a fence.

The incident happened on August 6, in the early afternoon. While Taylor was distracted, another scammer broke into his home.

"Went in and stole some money out of my wallet and that's all he got cause everything was secure," Taylor said.

A little less than an hour later, Taylor's wife came home.

"She couldn't get around them to get in the garage cause they had the whole driveway blocked," said Taylor.

The two men took off with $200 and Taylor's sense of security, but he was able to give Tallmadge police a description of the vehicle.

"It was a blue or blue green full size pickup, probably a Ford or Chevy," said Taylor.

Police said this is a common theft and offered advice on how to avoid it.

"If someone claims to be from the utility company or a surveyor or anything, I would get some identification and confirm that they're from where they say they are," said Lt. Ron Williams.

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