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Perrysburg homeowners dealing with flooding after heavy rains

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Monday'srain brought more flooding for residents of one Perrysburg neighborhood.

Homeownerssay they've dealt with flooding countless times. On Monday, cars were stalling,basements flooded and streets were under water.

"It justhappened so fast. One minute it was dry, the next minute: five inches of water,"said Jeff Bobak.

Dozens ofhomes are now drying out as residents have begun the clean-up efforts.

"It's amess," said Jeff Gagich. "It's been this way for years. We've been lucky inyears past, but our neighbors, some have flooded 3-6 times. It's a majorcatastrophe and there is nowhere for our water to go."

Onehomeowner said his insurance company will no longer provide him with floodinsurance.

"It'sabsolutely horrible. There is definitely something wrong with the sewers,"Gagich said. "I don't know who is to blame, but someone needs to fix this issue."

ThePerrysburg Director of Public Utilities says the water simply has nowhere togo. It fell too quickly on Monday for the storm water sewer in the neighborhoodto handle. She says she was not aware of all the issues the residents have hadbut says she plans to look into it.

Meanwhile,the Lowes in Perrysburg sold countless sump pumps Monday.

"It'swhat will help get the water that's coming into your basement out…into a drainsystem somewhere," said store manager Jeremy Wingate.

Wingatesays the store saw a lot of customers looking to replace their older pumps. Hesays trying to keep up with the rain burns out the older motors.

"Wenoticed that the weather came so quick and the ground hasn't had time to absorbit, so it's just running into houses quicker than normal," he said. "Last I'dlooked, we had 2-5 inches of rain in different areas, and that's just coming inquicker than they can keep up."

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