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Teen attacked in North Ridgeville

16-year-old attacked in North Ridgeville (Source: WOIO) 16-year-old attacked in North Ridgeville (Source: WOIO)
Pictures of the injuries the victim sustained. (Source: Instagram) Pictures of the injuries the victim sustained. (Source: Instagram)

A North Ridgeville teen was attacked Saturday night while walking home from the city's Corn Festival.

A gold-colored car containing five teens pulled up to Ridge Plaza. Three of them got out and asked the 16-year-old for his cell phone memory card. 

The boy, a junior at Elyria Catholic High School with a 4.0 GPA, was then punched and knocked to the ground, where he was repeatedly kicked in the head.

The three suspects made off with the teen's cell phone, $12 and his clothes and shoes.

The teen then walked to a Center Ridge Road gas station in his underwear and socks, where he initially had trouble getting anyone to help him.

The gas station told him to leave, then another couple realized he'd been assaulted and gave him a shirt.  He borrowed a phone and called his father.

"To be beat up like that? If my son knew those guys needed something that badly he would have given it to the because would have said you know what they need it more than I do. That's the way we raise our boys," said Jon Vincenzo, the victim's father. 

The teen was taken to St. John Medical Center for evaluation. He is receiving more care at the Cleveland Clinic facility in Amherst for a broken orbital bone beneath his right eye.

North Ridgeville police said the incident is under investigation, but no arrests have been made.

Vincenzo vows to catch the people who beat up his son. 

"I'm so amped to get these guys that I'm going to the ends of the world to do it. People are reporting them to the police as well, it's just a matter of time. They will get caught," said Vincenzo. 

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