Dangerous & disturbing social media trend

Dangerous & disturbing social media trend

Cleveland Police are investigating social media postings that are encouraging a "purge" later this month. A Purge is a period of 12 hours of total lawlessness..

The postings appear to be inspired by the movie, "The Purge: Anarchy." In it, anything goes during the purge, even murder, with no legal repercussions. The postings we've seen warn of trouble on Ohio streets. Included is a warning to be prepared and an indication this is no game.

One posting making the rounds includes a 19 Action News logo. Of course, 19 Action News is in no way endorsing or organizing any kind of unrest.

Viewers brought this to our attention so we went to Cleveland Police. Intelligence investigators are now looking into the source of the postings.

These postings appear to be spreading on Instagram, but some other cities around the country have seen similar warnings even spreading on Facebook and Twitter.

In Cleveland, police do not have any indication any trouble will actually happen as a result of this, but they are leaving nothing to chance.

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