Consumer alert: NoMoreRack

NoMoreRack is in Danielle's Doghouse

Online retailer NoMoreRack looks curiously like Nordstrom Rack, a company known for some of the best customer service in the business.

However, if you have heard the complaints that we have against NoMoreRack, you might believe the saying "you get what you pay for."

Tami McGraw ordered what she thought was a brand new HP Computer. What she received was anything but new.

"As I turned it on it was making this really loud noise like the fan in the computer was hitting something," said McGraw.

McGraw sent the computer to HP, citing the one-year warranty NoMoreRack promised. That is when she found out the bad news.

"They said no, the computer that you have is refurbished it's not brand new," said McGraw.

Not only was the computer refurbished, the one-year warranty was going to expire in less than 30 days.

When McGraw contacted NoMoreRack to complain, the sales person told her to just send it back and they would send her another one.

"Why would I make that mistake twice?" McGraw said. "I'm not going to buy again from you. Plus they had it at a different price than what they sold before. It was about $60 more."

NoMoreRack claims that it gets such great prices because it connects the manufacturers directly with the consumers and passes on those savings.

Bob Ohling ordered some clothing from NoMoreRack.

"It was for two polo shirts at a good price, not so outrageously low that you would think it was a come on," said Ohling.

Ohling said they charged his credit card within 24 hours, but after two weeks, there were no shirts in the mail.

"I contacted them. Another week goes by, I get bogus tracking numbers, two different ones. I contacted them regarding the tracking numbers and still nothing," said Ohling.

It wasn't until two months later, and after complaints to the BBB and his credit card company, that Ohling finally got a refund.

And then, one shirt finally showed up, but it was not what he ordered.

"The outside package was addressed to me, the inside package was addresses to a gentleman in another state and it was a medium shirt. I'm far from a medium," said Ohling.

McGraw and Ohling are not the only shoppers who have had problems with NoMoreRack.

The company has a "F" rating with the BBB and nearly 2700 complaints. There are loads of nasty reviews on consumer websites. There is even a Facebook page called "NoMoreRack Sucks."

Ohling did get his money back but said he won't be visiting the website in the future.

"There's just no way in good conscious I would want anyone to ever do business with them," said Ohling.

McGraw is finally getting the computer she wanted months after her initial order.

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