Parma residents on edge each rainfall

Parma residents on edge each rainfall
Residents on Stormes Drive in Parma panic every time rain falls and flood levels rise. (Source: WOIO)
Residents on Stormes Drive in Parma panic every time rain falls and flood levels rise. (Source: WOIO)

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Tuesday's rain is putting a northeast Ohio neighborhood on edge. People living along one Parma street see flooding nearly every time there's heavy rain.

Many of these residents have lost thousands of dollars in recent years, due to all the water coming into their homes. They took their battle to court and lost. Now, they're constantly worried that flooding will happen all over again.

Flooding on Stormes Drive in Parma has been a headache for Dominic Grassi's mother. Like many along this street, damage over the years has cost her big bucks.

"Between $10-15,000," said Grassi.

Losing personal possessions and paying contractors to help clean up has been a way of life for many residents in this neighborhood. It's a problem that dates back to 2011 when many were hit hard. People, like Chuck Ott, who has lived here for 47 years.

"The first flood in 2011 -- it wiped me out. What a way to retire," said Ott.

A few years ago, some residents sued the city of Parma. The lawsuit accused the city of causing floods on Stormes Drive by neglecting a storm-water detention basin, but that suit was dismissed.

The city says it has spent millions cleaning sewers and working on improvement projects and continues to do so.

Still, when there's rain in the forecast, panic is a common feeling.

"I think everyone does. We barely sleep. You see the lights on in the street. We come out. Our driveway's like this, so we move our cars up. Everyone kind of prepares for the worst," said Sarah Golias.

Some residents say they simply don't have any more money to spend on cleaning and replacing things. They're simply hoping for the best and bracing for the worst...again.

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