UPDATE: Blue and Green lines are back on track

UPDATE: Blue and Green lines are back on track

Blue and Green Lines are cleared for regular service today.

According to RTA all Rail service (Blue/Green/Red/Waterfront) scheduled for today are running on time.

Wednesday morning heavy rains caused flooding at the Buckeye Woodhill RTA Station.

Trains were not able to use that area, which serves both the Blue and Green Lines, and replacement buses were put into service while crews repaired the damage. 

Additionally, other parts of the Green Line were already underwater Monday night, so RTA officials assessed the damage there before they deem them safe for use again.

RTA spokesperson Mary Shaffer says that crews worked with ODOT to evaluate the situation at the Buckeye Woodhill station. It was determined that the flooding was coming from the bridge project above the tracks.

Shaffer says it is the same issue that occurred several weeks ago.

"Some of the flooding caused deterioration under the tracks, and I recently found out there is a lot of crumbling and debris coming from the bridge, which makes it unsafe for us to operate trains at this time," says Shaffer.

Shaffer says buses served the Blue and Green Line Wednesday night until the end of scheduled service at 1 a.m.  

Crews completed their work of clearing the tracks of debris and making repairs around 3 a.m.

RTA provides service to an average of 200,000 riders throughout the week.

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