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Vandal sends interracial couple a message

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It's no mystery how someone feels about the interracial couple that lives on this normally quiet Elyria street. And it's no mystery how Corinna Kirkendoll felt  when she saw this, this morning.

"Disgust, who would do that, why would you do that?" asks Corinna Kirkendoll of Elyria.

Police are trying to figure that out. Uniformed officers took a report this morning. A detective at the home this afternoon told me the first goal is to make sure this doesn't escalate. Hurt feelings, anger, all natural and expected but police want to keep this from becoming violent. 6 years of peace on this street for Corrina and now this.

"It saddens me that there are actually people that live, that are in this world, that actually have these beliefs still," says Kirkendoll.

And the range of emotions for this family is complex, sadness and disgust and it gets worse.

"Anger...anger and scared for my children," adds Kirkendoll.

The trouble here actually started last Friday. Corrina tells me her husband was called the n word and she was verbally assaulted.

They feel they now have no choice  but to explain to their three kids what's going on and warn them to be careful and alert. Corrina and her husband will do the same.

"We've already put flood lights on the garage in the front and we are going to install security cameras around the house in various positions," says Kirkendoll.

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