Travesty in Steubenville

Cleveland (WOIO) - Think it might be time for the Neanderthals in the world of sports to take that final step out of the cave?

I'm talking about the decision to allow Ma'lik Richmond, a convicted rapist, to return to the football field at Steubenville high school. In case you missed it, Richmond and a teammate, Trent Mays, raped a 16-year old girl at a party two years ago. Well, Richmond served nine months in juvenile detention, and has returned to school (Mays is still serving a two-year sentence). Okay, some say, Richmond served his sentence. He should be able to get on with his life. That's true, but playing high school sports isn't a birthright, it's a privilege, and Ma'lik Richmond should have lost that privilege the moment he raped that girl. What message do these coaches and administrators think they're sending to women?

It's bad enough to watch the NFL, in the name of big business, basically look the other way when Ray Rice knocks his woman out cold, but these are young adults, this is high school football. It's supposed to be about tradition, and pride, and community. Instead, the Powers-That-Be in Steubenville have taken this teaching moment, and delivered the worst possible lesson.

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