Donald Sterling's appeal for ownership over

On Wednesday ESPN reported that Donald Sterling's appeal for ownership of the Clippers is officially over.

Steve Ballmer is now the Clippers' primary owner after bidding a record $2 billion to purchase the franchise.

"The evidence before this court indicates the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to Steven Ballmer has closed," the Court of Appeal said in its ruling. "Thus, there is nothing for this court to stay."

The court ruled that Sterling  "has failed to show that the balancing of the relative harms favors granting a temporary stay or supersedeas."

Sterling will likely pursue a lawsuit against Ballmer, his ex wife Shelly Sterling and the NBA and these suits will be over damages rather than the sale or control of the team.

Adam Streisand, Ballmer's lawyer issued a statement on Wednesday in response to appeal's denial. "While we have no doubt Donald Sterling will appeal to the Supreme Court, we are beyond thrilled and gratified and supremely confident that this is now over and done and Steve Ballmer is the undisputed owner of the Los Angeles Clippers."