Summer hot spots see drop in attendance due to cool temps

Summer hot spots see drop in attendance due to cool temps
Memphis Kiddie Park (Source: WOIO)
Memphis Kiddie Park (Source: WOIO)

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - Unseasonably cool, cloudy and sometimes soggy.  That about sums up our summer.

If you haven't been to the beach or the city pool much this summer, you're not alone.

Lifeguards are pretty lonely as our chilly June, July and August have kept a lot of people from doing their normal summer activities.

"We went to the beach one time…had a great time.  We would love to go back but haven't been able to at all," says Stephanie Peck.

Without any actual dog days of summer, families are avoiding some of their typical summer hot spots.

"Definitely the water parks, because it's way too cold to do that," says Tom Ressler.

"No waterparks...too cold.  I've only been to the pool I think twice because it's been so freezing," said Sam Freidlander.

"We actually went and hot chocolate after the pool not too long ago," Jennifer Tournoux said.

Water parks, like Wildwater Kingdom in Aurora, are suffering due to the cool weather, taking to Twitter to try and boost business.

But at Memphis Kiddie Park, the weather has not had a chilling effect.
"It's actually good.  When it cools off and especially it's sunny, it may not be like you want to go swimming and get wet, but come to the Kiddie Park,"
said owner Russell Wintner.
They're up about ten percent from last year. 
"We're noticing a lot of people that have never been here before.  We're getting people from different zip codes that we didn't think we've reached before and we're getting license plates from states all around us," he said.

Families say they're flocking to places where they usually wouldn't spend as much time during normally hot months and looking on the bright side.

"Actually being milder instead of searing hot is helpful for such young kids," said the mother of two little ones, Habeebah Grimes.

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