Metroparks warn swimmers that Euclid Beach has no lifeguards

Euclid Beach warnings (Source: WOIO)
Euclid Beach warnings (Source: WOIO)

The Cleveland Metroparks released a statementthat continued to warn swimmers that Euclid Beach is an unguarded area aftertwo people died from drowning Sunday.

Floyd Peters has been swimming since he was tenyears old, but he says he won't swim at Euclid Beach.

"It's too dangerous, there's too many ripcurrents here," said Peters.

For some swimmers, that statement has proved tobe true. On Sunday the waters claimed the lives of a teen and the woman whojumped in to save him. And Last August, a man drowned while trying to save achild.

Unlike other Cleveland Metroparks swimmingareas, Euclid beach doesn't have lifeguards.

However, the Metroparks does give swimmers afair warning.

Signs alert swimmers to water conditions thatcan be dangerous for even the most experienced swimmers.

Although there are signs present to warn peopleto swim at there own risk,  patrons who visit the beach say the signsaren't enough.

"I was here two weeks ago and there weresome kids who climbed up on the would think they saw thesigns", said Glen Davis, who goes to Euclid Beach everyday.

Davis is saddened by the news of yesterday'sdrownings, and he suggests the beach needs more supervision.

"We need more lifeguards, or at least abarrier," said Davis

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