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Man's claims of rape, abuse ignored for years

Angela Montgomery Angela Montgomery

A young Rutherford County man said his mother committed unspeakable crimes, and no one believed him until 10 years after the fact.

When Alan's parents got divorced, he said his mother, Angela Montgomery, would do terrible sexual things to him, his two brothers and sister when they would visit.

Channel 4 News has chosen not to use Alan's full name to protect his younger siblings.

"I think she is a sociopath," Alan said. "She doesn't feel guilt or remorse. As long as she gets her kicks, she doesn't care who she hurts."

Alan said he first told the Department of Children's Services what his mother was doing to him in 1997, when he was 8 years old.

"I was terrified, not only embarrassed," Alan said. "I didn't know if they would believe me or if they could stop her."

Over the five years Alan said he reported his mother, he said nothing would happen. Alan would then say nothing was happening and then break down and tell DCS he was being molested and raped. He said he reported his mother to DCS at least a half-dozen times.

"It gets very depressing after a while to put your faith in somebody and expect them to keep you safe and then it doesn't happen over and over again," Alan said. "You get hurt by having trust over and over again and never having trust reward."

Alan, now 24, said it ended in 2003 when the children moved to supervised visits after his mother violated the court's visitation schedule.

In 2012, Alan and his younger sister decided to pursue criminal charges. They went to Murfreesboro police with some hesitation.

"On one level it's embarrassing, but on another it was nice to have someone take me seriously for once," Alan said.

Murfreesboro police put together an investigation that led to a 40-page indictment, including charges of rape, incest and abuse. Montgomery faces multiple felonies.

"They're really like my guardian angels to get in and get this done," Alan said.

State Rep. Sherry Jones wants DCS to answer why this took so long.

"It's something that should have been addressed 10 years ago," Jones said. "There is no reason for a child to be hurt and left in that same place and be hurt again and again and again."

DCS spokesperson Rob Johnson said his department cannot comment.

"Because the case involves details from so long ago and because it's still under criminal investigation, the department cannot comment at this time," Johnson said.

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