Petition filed to outlaw traffic cameras in Cleveland

Petition filed to outlaw traffic cameras in Cleveland
Traffic enforcement camera. (Source: WOIO)
Traffic enforcement camera. (Source: WOIO)

A coalition is coming together to try and outlaw traffic enforcement cameras in Cleveland.

The coalition, including Cuyahoga County for Liberty, the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST), Black on Black Crime, Inc., and Liberate Ohio, has filed petitions to place an amendment to the Cleveland City Charter onto the ballot to outlaw traffic enforcement cameras.

Maryanne Petranek has never received a ticket from a red light or speed camera, but she wants them gone.

"This is a money grab for the city of Cleveland, all $7 million of it every year," she said.

Petranek is part of a group who has filed 701 petition forms containing more than 12,800 signatures with the Clerk of Council on Monday. If at least 6,013 of the signatures are valid, the measure would qualify for the ballot.

"This issue should never have been a City Council alone issue. And with this petition being a charter amendment, the City Council will never be able to bring them back without a vote to the people," said Petranek.

She says their fight is about the constitutionality of the tickets and the appeals process.

"The camera takes a picture of your license plate. It never verifies that you're the driver of your car. You're sent a ticket in the mail to pay, and you do not have a right to defend yourself, or bring in evidence. And who are you going to bring it to?" said Petranek.

The city says it will continue to support the program because the automated photo enforcement program enhances public safety and positively influences driver behavior.

If Cleveland voters approve the measure, Cleveland would become the second largest city in the United States to outlaw traffic enforcement cameras by voter initiative.

Voters in seven other cities have rejected traffic enforcement cameras.

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