Redskins amused by Johnny Manziel's gesture

Redskins amused by Johnny Manziel's gesture

The Washington Redskins got a kick out of Johnny Manziel's obscene gesture on Monday evening during the third quarter of the preseason game.

Redskin's safety, Ryan Clark, told ESPN radio's "Mike and Mike" show," I can tell you what the statement was that set him off. The statement was, "This isn't college anymore and these people are faster than you are. He didn't like it. And that was me cleaning up the statement. That's pretty much what it was."

Other Washington players commented on the gesture after the game and talked about how "hilarious" it was. There is a lot of taunting and poking in any sport and clearly the comments from the Redskin's bench got under Manziel's skin.

Ryan Clark commented about the gesture after the game as well saying, "We saw it. I don't care-it's funny. Nobody cares; it's football. I'm sure if he had the opportunity to turn around and say it, he would have."

It's all fun and games until Johnny's feelings get hurt.

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