Doctor accused of sexually assaulting patients takes the stand

Doctor accused of sexually assaulting patients takes the stand
James Bressi took the stand on Tuesday. (Source: WOIO)
James Bressi took the stand on Tuesday. (Source: WOIO)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - A doctor accused of sex crimes against his patients took the stand in his own defense on Tuesday.

The defense began its case in the sexual abuse trial of Stow pain doctor James Bressi, who is charged with using his hands inappropriately on 11 female patients.

The day began with an expert who demonstrated the hands-on nature of Bressi's work on a patient.

Then Bressi took the stand.

"Sometimes to some people it looks crazy. What is this voodoo? Why are you working over there? I don't think I have a problem there," said Bressi.

As was promised from the start, Bressi told the jury he had done nothing wrong.

"Did you touch any of these women inappropriately?" asked an attorney.

"No I did not," answered Bressi.

"Did you rub up against any of these women purposely for sexual gratification?" asked an attorney.

"No I did not," replied Bressi.

An earlier demonstration was clearly designed to show that a big part of osteopathic medicine is hands-on.

"So to work on the thoracic spine, and you bring up a good point, my elbow is resting across a female's breast," said Dr. Maurey Oswald, a medical school colleague of Bressi.

Oswald demonstrated on Bressi's defense attorney. It included typical examination techniques that the doctor says are medically necessary, but uncomfortable and even embarrassing.

"And I can monitor the sacrum motion in that position. Some people do that from this position here," explained Oswald. "And I find that extremely uncomfortable."

Earlier, Judge Tom Parker rejected a defense request for dismissal of the charges against Bressi. It had claimed that there was insufficient evidence presented by prosecutors to even let the case go to the jury.

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