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New River man saves pigs from drowning in rainwaters

People in New River scrambled Tuesday to protect loved ones and property from flooding. 

"It happened within a minute. We got flooded," said Brett Levy. Not only did he have to worry about his home, but he and his neighbors had quite the rescue on their hands. 

"I have pigs, and when the wash flooded over into my backyard, they started drowning, so I had to get them all out," Levy said."

One by one, they took the piglets out of their pen, saving all of them. But Levy still has plenty to worry about.

"We don't have water; we don't have anything," Levy said. "The well got knocked out. We have electricity, but that's about it."

The rain in New River continued into Tuesday afternoon. It was an unwelcome sight for first responders and residents alike. 

"I've been there three years, and my neighbor has been there 40 years, and they've never seen anything like this," said Paul Beasley. "It's like 100-year flood."
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