Three confirmed cases of MRSA within Cardinal School District in Geauga County

Three confirmed cases of MRSA within Cardinal School District in Geauga County
Letter sent to parents. (Source: Cardinal Local Schools)
Letter sent to parents. (Source: Cardinal Local Schools)
MRSA Bacteria. (MGN Online)
MRSA Bacteria. (MGN Online)

MIDDLEFIELD, OH (WOIO) - Cardinal Local Schools in Middlefield sent a letter to parents, warning them of three confirmed cases of MRSA within the district.

Superintendent Scott Hunt told 19 Action News that there is one case at the high school, one at the middle school, and one at the elementary school.

Students returned to school on Monday and the notice was posted on the schools website the next day. According to Hunt, they deep cleaned each school with a solution that kills the MRSA bacteria.

Cardinal High Principal Jeremy Hunter canceled all after school activities on Tuesday as well.

MRSA, otherwise known as Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aurcus, is a staph infection that is more resistant to commonly used antibiotics.

Some symptoms include:

-Mild infections on the skin


-Small red bumps that resemble pimples, boils and pus.

-Can turn into deep and painful abscesses if not treated

You can get a staph infection, like MRSA, if the bacteria enters your body through an open wound, like a cut or scrape.

MRSA is hard to treat because it's resistant to the most common forms of antibiotics.

The best way to avoid contracting MRSA is by keeping open wounds covered by clothing or bandages, and keeping them clean.

According to Jay Becker with the Geauga County Health District, MRSA lives on many surfaces. He stressed that you should not share food, drinks, towels and clothing, chap stick, makeup or eating utensils.

It's also important to maintain a healthy immune system so your body will be able to fight the bacteria better. Eat well, sleep, and exercise to help in this matter.

Officials are not sure how the students contracted MRSA. One student is a high school athlete, and all students in Fall Sports were checked by the school nurse.

"They really don't share anything in common, so I really don't have any idea how we ended up with three cases in our district," said Hunter. 

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