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Trucker with guns, drugs at Kings Island denied appeal

Rodney Grisham (Photo via Warren County Jail) Rodney Grisham (Photo via Warren County Jail)

The truck driver who brought prescription drugs, guns, and thousands of rounds of ammunition to Kings Island last year was denied his appeal.

The Ohio 12th District Court of Appeals upheld the previous trial court decision that sentenced Grisham to three years for heaving weapons under disability as well as nine months for possession of drugs. The court ran the sentences concurrently for a total of three years.

Grisham's appeal states that the trial court erred by not suppressing evidence that was received as a result of an illegal stop, arrest or detention. He also said that Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Peeler erred when he found Grisham guilty of a felony when he was not properly arraigned on that charge, and that Peeler erred by not being reasonable in his sentencing of Grisham by not considering all sentencing factors.

The appeals court ruled against each of the three appeals.

Grisham was reported as a suspicious person in the park last July after exhibiting unusual behavior toward young children. He allegedly tried to grab a two-year-old child who was waiting with a cousin for their family to get off a ride.

After police found him and interviewed him, they learned that he was videotaping children in the park with sunglasses containing a hidden video camera.

Grisham, a truck driver from Texas, was also found to have guns, prescription pills, and a large amount of ammo in his truck in the Kings Island parking lot.

According to police, Grisham had a criminal record and wasn't supposed to be carrying a weapon.

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