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Hometown Patriot: Homer Doty Jr.


Homer Doty Jr. signed up for the Navy during World War 2, because he didn't want to carry a gun in the Army. He was assigned to the U.S.S. Staunch, a mine sweeper that rode ahead of the big ships as they headed to Iwo Jima, Okinawa and the Philippines.

"The big ship had no protection from the submarines," Doty said. "We had the gear to detect submarines underwater. The big ships sat deep in the water. We didn't have to worry about running over those mines because we only sat 9 feet in the water."

Doty got emotional while remember his ship's attack on a Japanese boat that refused to surrender.

"We would have taken them prisoner but they chose not to," he said. "They tried to throw hand grenades up on the boat. We killed all of them and I felt responsible. I don't know why. I just did my job."

After the war, Doty's ship helped in cleaning up mines placed by the Japanese in their own harbors. He credits the entire United States in winning that war.

"It wasn't just the military back then that won the war. This whole country came together. That was a beautiful thing. This country came together real quick."

In doing genealogy on his family, Doty found that an ancestor came over to this country in the Mayflower, which may explain why he loves the Navy so much.

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