Tailgating rules being enforced for games

Tailgating rules being enforced for games

Before Saturday's game a group of tailgating fans were booted out of the lot at Burke for having an open flame, and this sign, they say wasn't here Saturday.

"Where it's sitting right now there is no way you could miss it and it wasn't there. We'd been grilling and having bonfires down here for five years in this lot" says Ben Szuter, a Cleveland Browns fan.

Sign or no sign there are rules about open flames. No bonfires and no charcoal grills in city lots. Bonfires can get out of control and are banned for safety reasons. Fires have started when still hot charcoal is thrown in a garbage can. You are permitted to grill using propane because it's considered a safer, controlled fuel source.

The group that was booted on Saturday said they had no idea and had never had a problem in the past. "And it was you gotta go, we were like go where? Tell us where we need to go, so we can eat our food before the game" said Browns fan Kimberly Szuter.

Alcohol is not permitted in any city lot, but police are not going around sniffing red Solo cups.  If you walk around chugging a bottle of Jack, you'll probably get a ticket.

Stay low key and you'll probably have a great day.

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