Judge Stokes at center of another claim of strange behavior

Judge Stokes at center of another claim of strange behavior

BRATENAHL, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland City Court Judge, under investigation for strange behavior on the bench, has now been named in a police report by a neighbor.

Judge Angela Stokes has been accused of taking pictures through a window into her neighbor's home.

Stokes has made headlines for complaints about her actions in the courtroom. Hundreds of people have complained she's verbally abused them, bullied them, and locked them up waiting for hearings or made them wait long hours for hearings.

Then, one evening earlier this month, the Judge's next door neighbor called police. He said he saw the judge and a man standing in the flower bed in front of his office window.

He observed Stokes take out her camera and take several pictures of that window. The neighbor told police that when the Judge noticed him she started gesturing toward the flower bed.

No answer at the Judge's home or the neighbor's home when we knocked.

It's not clear what led to the pictures. The police report notes a camera tripod had been inside leaning against the window. So it appeared a camera was pointing out toward the Judge's house, but no camera sat on the tripod.

In the end, the neighbor didn't even want to police contact Stokes. He just wanted to make a report.

As for the court complaints, the Ohio Supreme Court has scheduled hearings. Yet they won't start until next year.

In the meantime, Stokes is handling only civil cases. However, she is still getting paid her salary of $114,100.

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