Carl Monday investigates history of plane involved in fatal crash

Carl Monday Investigates: History of Plan involved in crash

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Carl Monday & his investigative team have discovered more about the plane involved in the fatal crash that killed four Case Western Reserve Students.

The plane was owned by Lawrence Rohl, an instructor at the T&G Flight Club, located at the Cuyahoga County Airport. It's unclear if the pilot of the ill-fated plane, William Felten, was a student of Rohl's.

Monday tried reaching Rohl at his home to ask him about the plane's maintenance history. No one answered the door. The FAA said it's up to private plane owners to maintain their aircraft and keep records.  At the flight school, students and staffers on hand politely declined to comment on the plane's history.

But Monday learned that the plane involved in the crash, a CESNA 172R, was in the air just five days ago. The aircraft was flown to Wright Brother's Airport in Dayton. No reports of any problems there. No problems until last night, when the usually reliable 172R crashed shortly after take-off.

19 Action News reviewed FAA records, which show 15 fatal crashes of the CESNA 172R since 1979. But 13 of those crashes were attributed to pilot error. Two remain undetermined. The plane that crashed last night was built in 1999.

Last night's crash didn't keep a T&G student pilot named Victor out of the air today. During his flight, he looked and down and saw the wreckage from last night's tragedy. He told reporter Monday, "I realized it could have been me."

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