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LIST: 7 places to watch the Cincinnati Bell/WEBN Fireworks


Where's the best place to watch the Cincinnati Bell/WEBN Fireworks?

When FOX19 NOW posed that question to our Facebook friends, we received hundreds of responses and found out Tri-Staters have strong opinions on where to find the best seat for the show. 

Whether you're on the Kentucky or Ohio side, check out the top 7 places voted as the best locations to enjoy the Last Blast of Summer.

7.) Devou Park. With the overlook's panorama of the river, Devou is a great place to catch the show with a backdrop of downtown Cincinnati. Only downside is that you won't get a clear view of the fireworks that shoot off the bridge.

6.) A Balcony. For the lucky few who have a balcony facing the river, where better to watch than outside your own place? Be sure to invite your friends to enjoy that awesome view, too!

5.) Smale Riverfront Park. Located adjacent to The Banks, you can get a bite to eat then head to the park for the show. It'll be crowded, but hey – that means more people to yell for Ohio in the Kentucky vs. Ohio shout-off before the first boom.

4.) The Flood Wall at the Covington Riverfront. Looking to scream for Kentucky in the shout-off? This is your place. Covington's Riverfront will be full of people celebrating the last blast of summer along with plenty of food and drink vendors.

3.) Serpentine Wall. Cincinnatians who go to Sawyer Point's Serpentine wall are the hardcore, dedicated fireworks lovers. It's an awesome view in the heart of P&G Riverfest. Consider stopping by Saturday to set down a blanket and secure a spot on the wall.

"There is nothing better than sitting on serpentine wall competing in Ohio versus Kentucky crowd," FOX19 NOW viewer Frank said in our Facebook poll.

2.) On a boat. You get the best of both the Ohio and Kentucky sides accompanied by a day chilling on the river. What more could you ask for? FOX19NOW viewer Rob Ambrose suggested dropping anchor near the mouth of the Licking River.

1.) At home. If you want to avoid the crowds, or just prefer the comfort of your couch and own television, we've got you covered.

The Cincinnati Bell/WEBN Fireworks will broadcast live on FOX19 NOW, FOX19NOW.COM and in our free mobile app. Our multiple cameras on the river and on both state sides will give you a better-than-front-row view.

Gary says he'll pick his flatscreen TV over the parking concerns and crowds. "Would rather order a pizza pop some popcorn and enjoy it that way," he responded in the poll.

Your favorite FOX19 NOW faces will be live at 8 p.m. with a pre-show featuring a look back at the 80s, the decade being celebrated in this year's show. Rozzi's Famous Fireworks will set off the first boom at 9 p.m.

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