Romona's Kids: Love for the Elderly

PEPPER PIKE, OH (WOIO) - When we're children, we're taught to respect our elders. But one local high school student is taking it a step further with a whole movement to touch the lives of senior citizens all over the country. We went to Pepper Pike to meet this week's Romona's Kid.

Jacob Cramer started the project called "Love for the Elderly." The freshman at Orange High School spread the word online and now friends and even complete strangers write the anonymous, uplifting letters.

"Never forget that there are people who love you," reads one letter. "Thank you for being you. With love, Anonymous."

"Keep your memories close to your heart for that is what no one can take away from you," reads another.

"I've gotten letters from all over the world, including Sweden, Switzerland, England and India," said Cramer. "I want to do something constructive with my free time that would also benefit my community and I know that the elderly often don't receive the love and kindness that they deserve."

"When kids, especially little ones, write letters, and they're in crayon and maybe they'll have a backwards letter, that's really cute," said Josh Cramer, Jacob's twin brother.

"When he got a response from a nursing home in California with photos of the people holding their cards with smiles on their faces, it's so heartwarming and it makes everything worthwhile," said Barry Cramer, Jacob's father.

"It's very constructive, it benefits your community, others appreciate what you do for them, and it you're able to do it, why not," said Cramer.

Writers can either submit letters online HERE or send them to:

Love For The Elderly

P.O. Box 24248

Cleveland, Ohio 44124

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